Registration is now open for 2021! Since we are only having ONE session of camp, and are having to reduce capacity due to COVID-19, we suggest registering as soon as possible. If you have any questions, contact us! 

Registering Campers For CampRenu

You have two options for registering your church for camp:

  1. Electronic Registration (preferred)
    Download our Excel Registration Spreadsheet that can be filled in with campers, sponsors, etc, and simply email it to​​ 

  2. Paper Form Registration
    All paper forms you'll need are located in the files below.

Registering Staffers For CampRenu

Staffers can either sign up online (preferred) or use the Staffer Application inside the Staffer Packet or Group Leader Packet below. However, staffer applications MUST be received by the STAFFER REGISTRATION DATE listed on page FOUR of the Group Leader Packet.

Download Informational Packets

Even if registering electronically, you will still want to download appropriate packets for group leaders, staffers, adult sponsors, and parents. 

This packet includes camp overview, pricing, deadlines, information about roles at camp, and other pertinent information you, as a group leader, will need. It also includes every form that a camper, staffer, or adult would need to submit (these are also included in individual packets).

This packet has everything a parent would need to give you to sign their child up for camp. It also includes camp rules, what to bring lists, camp contact info, and a medical release form.

This packet has everything a parent of a student would need to give you for a camp staffer position. Again, this packet also includes camp rules, what to bring lists, camp contact info, and all forms a staffer must complete.

For your adult sponsors, simply give them this packet, and they will have everything they need to get signed up as an adult sponsor.