COVID-19 Updates

We are still planning for camp to go on as scheduled. 

During this time of uncertainty, we can’t imagine a better theme for camp than the one we decided upon many months ago: Do The Next Right Thing. With that in mind, at this time our “right thing” is to continue to plan to have camp this summer. We will follow state and national guidelines for meeting in groups, etc. If we are not allowed to continue camp, we will notify anyone registered as soon as possible. Our suggestion is to sign up and assume we will have camp until you hear something differently!


We are making a few changes to address your concerns. These include:

  1. Screening everyone upon arrival for any type of illness

  2. Refunds being available for anyone who cannot come to camp because they are sick

  3. Increased disinfecting of dorms, etc

  4. More stringent rules about visitors onsite during camp


We are canceling pre-registration fees.

If you have not paid the $25 per person deposit, it will NOT be required this year for camp. Simply pay the full balance as usual, instead of the separate deposit amount. We will not charge late fees this year. HOWEVER, unless your registration is submitted BY JUNE 1st, you will most likely NOT receive a t-shirt, bag, cup and other items. In trying to keep costs as low as possible, we will not be ordering as many extra items as in years past.


Since we are also slacking off on our refund policy, it just makes sense to go ahead and sign up - especially since other camps have already cancelled for the summer. We are planning on a surge in attendance this year. 


Our advice on helping kids pay for camp

We never want money to be the reason kids can’t get to camp. We are working on some scholarships, but our best advice to you is to request help from folks you know at your church. While many have been affected by the economic downturn, many are still doing well, and would be more than happy to assist a family. But there’s no way you will know unless you ask.


We hope you and your family are safe and healthy, and we are praying for a great year at camp.  Check back here and on our facebook page ( for updates.

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