2019 Camp Theme

A Hero’s Identity
We love heroes, right? Hero movies, comic books, real-life heroes... we just can’t get enough! What do many heroes have in common? Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent... the way they are known by most people “publicly” isn’t the “REAL” hero inside, right? 

Their powers and abilities come from their true identity within. In a similar way, we want kids to know their TRUE identity is all about who they are in Christ, NOT how other people view them or even the circumstances they find themselves in. We are who GOD says we are, not who the world says we are. Also, our real power comes from Jesus within us, not in our own abilities or shortcomings.
Big Changes Coming in 2019!
In 2019 at CampRenu, we are creating two separate sessions of camp in order to reach more kids with the good news of Jesus! 
Session 1: Sunday, June 23rd - Wednesday, June 26th
Session 2: Wednesday, June 26rd - Saturday, June 29th
You will need to contact Kelley Chaney as soon as possible at register@camprenu.com to reserve the number of beds needed for your church for one of the session dates listed above. Both sessions are nearing initial capacity levels.
A $25 non-refundable deposit per bed is due March 1, 2019
Final registration is due June 3, 2019
Registration Packets for 2019
All registration material you will need is now available for 2019. See the Registration Page for all the info.
Calling All Staffers!
Students who have completed 8th grade are eligible to apply for staffer positions. 
Complete the 2019 Staffer Packet located on the Registration Page for all the information needed. Return completed packet to Kelley Chaney at staffers@camprenu.com
Interviews will be scheduled via phone and/or in person with the  CampRenu staffer team or team member. Staffers are expected to attend the Staffers Orientation Meeting on June 1st, 10am, at Owensville Baptist Church.
Staffers are expected to be at camp from Saturday, June 22, 8am, through Saturday, June 29, 5pm.
Stay up-to-date!
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